The Groom’s Party

What You Need
In the hours before the ceremony, your primary focus should be on taking time for you and your groomsmen to relax. This means that you deserve some manly pampering.

You want to look good for your wedding but with all the other stress, the last thing you want to worry about is getting a haircut and a shave. Plus, you’re tense from all the stress and hassle of planning, organizing, and paying for the wedding. And on top of it, you haven’t seen your boys in weeks.

Your primary focus needs to be on taking time for you to relax before tying the knot. It’s all about creating a relaxing experience full of convenience for you and your groomsmen before the wedding ceremony.

Who You Are

You’re engaged to be married, you’re the groom, you’re a busy professional, and you want more than just a bachelor party.

You’re biggest focus right now is having a fun, memorable, and safe wedding day. You want to relax and bond with your groomsmen before the ceremony begins.

  • You’re social
  • You need to kill some time before the wedding ceremony
  • You need a safe place to hang out with the boys before the wedding ceremony
  • You need a designated driver to the wedding ceremony
  • You want to arrive at the wedding ceremony in style and on time
  • You want to look good for the wedding ceremony

What Your Issues Tend to be
You want convenience on your wedding day so that you can relax. You want peace of mind that you and the groom’s party will arrive at the ceremony together, on time, and safely. Most importantly, you want to create happy, fun, memories before you say “I do.”
There’s a lot of time and energy going into planning your wedding ceremony and events; however, you haven’t planned any time to relax and have fun with your groomsmen.

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